Through The Sharing Team our community is given a greater opportunity of having essentials and resources to achieve a better life.



Our Story

In the 90’s Sheri Kimball began efforts to help low income families by holding clothing drives. Community members were asked to donate gently used clothing and other essentials to be distributed to low income families in the Salt Lake City Valley. The objective was to engage more community members to participate in drive efforts, as well as to increase distribution to more families in need in the community.  In that same year, The Sharing Team was able to collect enough gifts to proved 2,000 children with Christmas gifts. Sheri was given many local as well as national awards, she was a recipient of the Local as well as National Point of Light Award.


The Sharing Team continued their efforts year after year, and eventually began to incorporate school supplies in their drives.  They established relationships with area school principles, counselors & school psychologists from elementary and junior high schools and Community Action Teams to extend the network of referrals for families in need.  These professionals and community action members identified many children and families and a referral process was established between the organization and these sources. As word spread and the charity grew, the members of The Sharing Team decided to apply for non-profit status.

Our mission

The mission for the Sharing Team (Sub-4-Santa) is to provide and distribute Christmas toys, clothing and essentials to children and families who are in need.

Company Overview

We provide needs for many "At-Risk" schools.
As many of you know in 2013, 16.2 % of the state's children lived in poverty.
The Sharing Team is a 501© non-profit company that has been working tirelessly to help at risk/needy children through the Public School Systems in the Salt Lake County & surrounding areas

Get in contact with us if you have any questions about The Sharing Team! We would love to hear from you!

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Our busiest time of the year

From November 1st to December 25th we work tirelessly to be able to provide Christmas Wishes for children & teens in need

Hundreds of Thousands of toys are needed to fulfill Christmas Wishes for some of the neediest among us

Hundreds of Thousands of toys are needed to fulfill Christmas Wishes for some of the neediest among us


November & December

October- November is when School Administration & Community Action Groups contact us with lists of their neediest students.

They screen the family & this ensures that the family is in need.


The child is asked what their Christmas Wishes and basic needs are and that is when we at the Sharing Team get to work


Our Volunteer Staff

They work very hard shopping for the best bargains to fulfill those special Christmas Wishes


Christmas is special time of year, especially for children. We feel that children need their Christmas Wishes granted.

Community Groups, At-Risk groups or Schools can request a Christmas Gift display to be set up by a Sub-4-Santa team member. Parents can come choose a special gift for their child.


Business Support

There are many ways to contribute

Some businesses use a list of Christmas wishes and place them on tags so customers & employees can fill those wishes.

Companies often Match money contributed by employees.

Employee Payroll Dedications are a terrific way to contribute to this program.


 Community Help

We share bags filled snacks, warm gloves, hats, socks, hand warmers & notes of encouragements with those that live on the streets


 Life’s Necessities


Did you know that many children sleep on the floor?

We provide beds to needy children, we believe that having adequate and comfortable sleep is extremely important to the child’s performance.



Children grow so quickly

We make sure that we share with those needy children.

Winter wear including coats, hats, gloves and boots are top priority with the Sharing Team.



We often provide schools and community action groups with clothing for their children.


School Supplies

Often the needy don’t have adequate supplies to compete homework

We often provide backpacks filled with various supplies that can be used at home or in the class



We provide books for those in need

Often the needy don’t have books at home that are on their reading level.

We understand that home is an extension of school and reading is fundamental at home too